Its that busy time of the year again.In light of a recent court case in England resulting in the death of a child possibly  due to the  lack of anchorage and the fact that the unit did not comply with current standards.Please see the link below

It is time this industry took more control of how it regulates itself in light of the lack of government intervention.  We feel that by becoming a members of the industry body we can stand together to raise our standards and awareness of what customers should expect from hirers when they arrive at their home.  It is vital that every child experiences a fun and safe time when they use a bouncy castle as an accident would detrimental to our industry

In our industry we have a lot of responsible, hard working people who work to give the best experience possible while keeping everyone safe.  Unfortunately there are, like in any industry some who flout the safety aspect in order to undercut others and supply unsafe units.  By standing together we can remove these people from the industry and make the business safer for user and hirers alike

In these busy weekends ahead of us ,please make sure you use the correct anchorage and take note of the wind speed forecast .It is your responsibility to make sure you have a current Safety Certificate for all your inflatables

Protect that Child Protect this Industry