Dear Members,

Progress has been slow and we are finding out that the extent of the problem is enormous.
We have had meetings with various government officials and Minister Darcy.

We had a comprehensive meeting with other underwriters last Monday eve. We put the whole case to them in the form of a detailed proposal on behalf of the IIHF.
The underwriters asked many questions regarding the industry and will shortly put forward their basic requirements if they are to consider coming on board.
I believe these requirements will involve total compliance to Safety standard EN14960-2019 and all that that involves. We have presented them with new proposed wording for all our hire agreements that reflects the basic principle that all play has risks, that risk at play can not be avoided and the customer will have to accept that inflatables increase the risk due to more robust play associated with inflatables. The IIHF have submitted the wording for legal opinion and the underwriters will do likewise.

Our previous world of insurance cover that we had with leisure Insure and they’re various underwriters is over. The basic fact is that it was financially unsustainable.
We must remember that many insurers of the leisure business have pulled out of Ireland over the last 10 years or so and in fact leisure Insure were the last to go.
If we can get it done the new insurance world will involve compliance, inspection and proper adherence to best practice.
If you are one of the few who has not yet filled out the last questionnaire regarding the amount and type of inflatables plus the percentage of supervised hire then please do it now. This is the very basic information we are been asked about by the potential insurers and we need you to supply it as soon as possible.
We still cannot guarantee a successful outcome to this insurance crisis but we can guarantee the very best people are working on it and pulling out all the stops to get it done.
We will have a clearer understanding of the possibility’s during December and are aiming for a resolution in January.

Kind Regards
Gerry Frawley
Irish Inflatable Hirers Federation
Mobile: 086 686 7514