Dear Members,

We all hope that the coronavirus will not progress to a complete lock-down of social activity like we see in Italy.
All experts agree that the situation will get worse before it gets better.
As inflatable operators we have a responsibility to our customers to assure them that as an industry we have taken measures to limit any perceived risk of spreading the virus by having an inflatable delivered to there home.
These measures should include limiting personal contact with the customers; facilitating social distancing and making sure inflatables are cleaned down with anti-bacterial spray.
We can do this by-
Taking all payments online by PayPal or other online payment methods to avoid the close contact necessary by the passing of cash or cheque.
Having our Hire Agreements (disclaimers) agreed to online to avoid customers having to sign on site.
Letting your customer know that you will spray the inflatable with disinfectant or anti-bacterial spray when it is inflated.
Let your customers know your delivery people will wash hands with anti-bacterial wash.
Depending on how the situation evolves it may be necessary to wear masks. This will also help to protect you and your workers.
These measures are the least we can do to limit the negative effect the virus may have on our industry and will also go some way to protecting the delivery persons involved.
If your customers are worried about the health implications of having an inflatable delivered we believe that by taking the above measures they can be assured that we have done as much as possible and taking every step to negate the possibility of virus spread.
Read HSE recommendations…/coronavirus/protect-yourself.html

Protect that child protect this industry

Kind Regards

Gerry Frawley
Irish Inflatable Hirers Federation
Mobile: 086 686 7514