Protect your children

Parents are being warned about possible safety dangers when booking a bouncy castle for their children. Spiralling costs of insurance are leading to some companies foregoing insurance and equipment checks completely, which could put children at risk of serious injury, it has been claimed. The claims are being made by Gerry Frawley, head of the [...]

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Leisure Insure

Dear Member, There has been a lot of talk about public liability insurance for bouncing castles lately including the last email we sent out regarding Leisure Insures involvement in the Republic of Ireland. We wish to inform you that Leisure Insure and their underwriters in the UK have decided that they will no longer quote [...]

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Protect that Child Protect this Industry

Its that busy time of the year again.In light of a recent court case in England resulting in the death of a child possibly  due to the  lack of anchorage and the fact that the unit did not comply with current standards.Please see the link below It is time this industry took more control of how [...]

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