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The IIHF Insurance Scheme

For more that a few years now the inflatable industry in Ireland has been without an insurance company willing to underwrite the risk or perceived risk associated with the renting of inflatables such as bouncing castles, obstacle courses, slides and a whole range of other inflatable games. 

Yes we had Sava for a year but then they also pulled out of the market. 

We are not alone in the leisure industry in the Republic of Ireland. It is a wider problem associated with the high awards of our court system, to what’s called the book of quantum. 

All or most of this is outside our control. 

After many years and long drawn efforts the IIHF in partnership with Arachas insurance brokers secured cover for our Industry from a Lloyds of London underwriter who are committed for the long run.

Since the launch of the IIHF scheme last year 2022 we now have 54 members insured for public liability. We will be promoting these members vigorously to public and corporate bodies. 

There is now very strong interest from operators to join the scheme for 2023 

We are currently in detailed discussions with Arachas and waiting for a scheduled meeting with underwriters, to deal with some of the problems that have arisen and to make it easy for new safety compliant operators to join. 

1 Such as the present cover at 2 million while we need 6.5 million for events. 

This problem is currently being dealt with and we are confident of a positive solution. 

GOOD NEWS: As off the 1st of November 2023 the 6.5 million is now available to any operators who need this cover.

This is a very positive step for our industry and puts the issue of public liability insurance where it should be, an important issue taking up an hour or so of your time once a year and not the massive time consuming issue that it has been over the past 4 or 5 years. Now we can all get on with our business of keeping our customers entertained and safe.

In the meantime the IIHF intends to be proactive in the inflatable safety area in order to encourage our members to take all possible steps to reduce risks. 

This action will lessen the chance of claims and or our members been found negligent in the event of a claim.

It is a requirement for all members of the IIHF/ insurance scheme that all the equipment has an up to date safety report carried out by qualified inspector.

These measures of Compliance with European safety standards reduces the risk of injury to users and reduces the risk of the inflatable operator been found negligent.  

Put simply, the less claims the group has the more marketable we become witch in turn will result in lower premiums for all  

This is one of the main objectives of the IIHF 

Protect that child protect this industry

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