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European Safety Standard: Wind Speed Requirements

What is a safe wind speed for inflatables? Some of the most serious accidents involving inflatables occur due to high winds.  The manufacturer or importer has a responsibility to make sure that all their inflatable products adhere to the safety standard with regard to anchor points. You: The person who hires out the inflatable has […]

IIHF Insurance: Conditions of cover for mechanical rides

It is recognised that some specific equipment being used for hire or reward contain higher than usual risk factors and possible liabilities than standard inflatables used to bounce and slide on.  Equipment other than inflatables The IIHF will occasionally add non inflatable rides to members insurance providing they meet certain conditions. Inflatables must be at […]

IIHF – Method Statement – Inflatables

Members of the IIHF are professional, fully insured hirers of Bouncy Castles & Inflatables in Ireland. In fact, the only way to get insurance for this particular industry is through the IIHF. So if a hirer is providing you with a Bouncy Castle or Inflatable without being a member, then they are doing so without insurance.

How much does it cost to run a bouncy castle?

Not very much is the answer! If you consider the fantastic healthy fun that can be had with all the different inflatables on offer to hire, from Bouncy castles to inflatable slides, obstacle courses, Combie castles, bungee runs and a whole range of inflatable games.

The History of Bouncy Castles

Both the Americans and the British have a claim to have invented bounce houses. The British claim is circumstantial. Invention of Inflatable Moonwalks In 1962 John Scurlock was experimenting with inflatable solutions for tennis court covers, swimming pools, and other enclosures. He noticed that employees had fun walking on the inflatables. The loss and refilling […]