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What are your FSAI responsibilities if you hire out Slush, Popcorn and Candy Floss machine – including the food product.


IIHF Information regarding supplying slush puppy, popcorn, candy floss machines and or related product.  

Following communication between the HSE and the IIHF, it has been established that any company or individual who hires out slush puppy, popcorn candy floss or any similar food dispensing machine and also supplies the food product must register with the local HSE.

This registration is easy and free of charge. 

The FSAI (food safety authority of Ireland) stated

 This really depends on the exact actions taking place. If the business is simply providing the equipment for the parties, e.g. the candyfloss or popcorn machine, then they would not require registration. 

However, if they are providing these machines along with the ingredients to be used in them, e.g. popcorn kernels, then I believe this would require HSE registration as they are involved in food distribution.

All inflatable operators who need to register must register with your local HSE. please follow the link


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